The Area 51 is a space themed attraction which riders experience the sensation of weightlessness as they are plastered to the wall using centrifugal force. As the ride speeds up, riders are gently lifted off the ground before returning to Earth.
Ever wanted to experience hang gliding but never had the opportunity? Deggeller Attractions brings hang gliding to your fair, only in a much smaller scale! The Cliff Hanger features three passenger vehicles in which patrons lie in. After being safely strapped in, the ride begins to turn. When the ride reaches full speed, it lifts into the air flying you at an angle, safely gliding through the air.
The Freak Out will dazzle riders with its over the top thrills. Riders sit in bottomless seats with their feet hanging below them. As the claw begins to rotate, the pendelleum swings back and forth. Thrill seekers will get off asking for more!
Wonderland Circus

Wonderland Circus is a colorful, high energetic show with great variety of acts, comedy and thrill attractions. Our performers features amazing acts of artistry, daring feats of courage and breath taking beauty.

Wonderland Circus has been entertaining families all over the world. With more than eight generations of family entertainment, Wonderland Circus is more than just entertainment, it's an adventure like no other for the whole family.
Baldwin County Cattle and Fair Association
Board of Directors
A.B. (Sonny) Hankins, Robertsdale, AL
Neil McMillan, Stockton, AL
Carl Brian Johnson, Silverhill, AL
Robert (Bob) McMillian, Stockton, AL
H.L. (Buddy) Long, Orange Beach, AL
Robert (Bob) Shallow, Orange Beach, AL
Elmer McDaniel, Robertsdale, AL
Clarence E. Burke, Robertsdale, AL
Alton B. Hankins III, Robertsdale, AL
Fair Admission Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday 5PM-1AM
Saturday 2PM-11PM

FREE Parking On Fairgrounds
Exhibitor Registration
Friday, September 15th
Saturday, September 16th
Monday, September 18th
Pickup Monday-Friday Following Week