Baldwin County Fair Presents "The Tiger Encounter"
An education, conservation, and preservation animal show featuring Bengal tigers, a rare white lion, and the youngest and only performing female tiger trainer in the USA!

The Tiger Encounter is an educational show raising awareness about the plight of tigers in the wild and their rapid rate to extinction.

Tiger encounter has created a unique way of connecting the audience to these amazing animals in hopes of sparking an interest in wanting to protect tigers in the wild by showing the relationship they share with their trainer, Felicia Frisco.

Felicia is a ninth generation animal trainer who is one of the youngest, and only current female, big cat trainers performing in the USA. In her shows she teaches audiences about the importance of protecting these animals, as well as showing off their natural abilities as they run and jump, kiss and roll around with their trainer.

Not only can audiences see these animal during the show but they can see them after shows or in the evening running and playing as an all day attraction. Felicia and her big cats have a growing 1.5 million following on TikTok and social media and are a crowed favorite of all ages!
Baldwin County Cattle and Fair Board of Directors
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Neil McMillan, Stockton, AL
Carl Brian Johnson, Silverhill, AL
Robert (Bob) McMillian, Stockton, AL
H.L. (Buddy) Long, Orange Beach, AL
Robert (Bob) Shallow, Orange Beach, AL
Elmer McDaniel, Robertsdale, AL
Clarence E. Burke, Robertsdale, AL
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